Make 11xplay sign up or Registration and Get Your Login ID

If you want to place bets on top-tier online gambling platforms like 11xplay, learning the registration or sign-up process is important for a pleasant experience. We at 11xplay give a hearty welcome to all new users and offer a hefty 100% welcome bonus.

In order to begin the 11xplay exchange betting ID registration procedure, you must first provide certain personal data, such as your email address, gender, and mobile number. Additionally, you must use an OTP provided to your mobile number to validate your account. Creating a unique username for your ID is also an essential step in the registration process.

Creating and registering your gambling account on is hassle-free. In case you require any assistance or guidance, our dedicated customer support team is readily available via email, WhatsApp, or direct call. So without a delay, make the completion of your first deposit to avail of the 100% welcome bonus.

11xplay Sign Up Form

Process and Steps of 11xplay to Create a Betting Account

Through our official website, we continuously introduce new ideas to our users in the rapidly changing online gambling market in India. We’ve become one of the premier destinations for both pro and newbie bettors since we introduced the astonishingly easy-to-follow registration process. It only takes 30 seconds to create your very own 11xplay exch ID—it’s that simple and quick!

We’ve laid out the easy procedures to open an 11xplay online cricket betting account in our tutorial. It means offering personal information and creating a strong password that is compliant with our solid privacy policies. Verification and authentication are essential procedures for preserving your account’s confidentiality.

Here’s how to register for an account on our website to place bets: 

  1. Navigate to the ‘Create Account’ section on our official website. 
  2. Enter your contact information, including your email address, phone number, and gender. 
  3. To get betting id, use an original username and a secure password. 
  4. You will then receive an OTP to confirm your mobile number. 
  5. Once the terms and conditions have been read and the OTP entered, click submit. 
  6. You can now use your 11xplay ID to access withdrawal and deposit procedures for your just-created gambling account.

Making the most of their betting experience is guaranteed for our users, who can capitalise on a bounty of features and appealing offers accessible on our official website. Come explore the smooth world of online gaming with our 11xplay website by joining us today! 

For the best possible experience, whether you’re an experienced bettor looking for new challenges or a novice ready to start your gambling adventure, you must fully understand how to open a betting account on our official website. Take a confident look around the world of online gaming on!

What Type of Personal Information is Required for 11xplay Sign up Registration?

To wrap up your sign-up journey on our official website, 11xplay app needs a few key details from you. We’re talking mobile numbers, addresses, names, email addresses, and dates of birth. Once that’s sorted, it’s time to pick a cool username for your ID and make a rock-solid password that ticks all our security boxes. Don’t forget to share your residential deets and give a thumbs up to our terms and conditions before you hit that ‘Submit’ button. Always, keep it real – all the info you provide needs to be spot-on for a smooth online cricket id registration process.

Guidelines For Secure Account Creation on 11xplay Sign up

Creating an account is important to safeguard all of your personal information from online fraud. Here’s the lowdown: 

Key Point


Length Is Important

There should be a minimum of eight characters in your password.

Mix it Up

For extra strength, combine lowercase, capital letters, characters, and digits.

Uniqueness is key

Make sure you diversify the passwords you use for each of your accounts!

Steer clear of common phrases

Avoid using overused words or phrases; instead, be creative!

Keep Up with

By often changing your passwords, you can maintain a solid security posture.

You’ll be locking down your internet accounts like an expert with these suggestions!

Requirements for Creating a Secure Account on 11xplay registration

These instructions must be followed in order to create a valid betting account on



Age Requirement

Participants must be older than eighteen (18).

KYC Verification

To be verified, present your Aadhar card and valid PAN number.

Mobile Number

Enter a valid 10-digit mobile number.

One Account Policy

A person may only have one account that is connected to their PAN card and Aadhar number.

Correctness of Personal Information

To stop questionable behaviours, make sure that all personal information submitted is correct.

Deactivation Policy

The account may be immediately (and without prior warning) terminated in the event that any suspicious activity is found.

When inputting registration information, users are cautioned to proceed prudently as transporting false information could have unpleasant repercussions. 

11xplay sign up

Particulars of the Process of Verification For 11xplay login

You must provide your PAN number and Aadhar card details in order to validate your online betting ID on our website. Your account will be authenticated after you have correctly entered this information. You will need to upload copies of your PAN and Aadhar card after creating an account and logging in.

Users are also requested to provide any missing information, including name, address, and contact information. Your official 11xplay sign up account will be verified after you’ve submitted all the necessary information. After that, we’ll confirm the authenticity and integrity of each document, reinforcing platform security.

Our authentication method gives our customers peace of mind that their data is secure with us. 


Is Sign-up for Your 11xplay Online Betting ID Free?

Absolutely! Creating an ID on our official website won’t cost you a penny. It’s completely free for all users. Just ensure to provide concise and accurate details to make the registration process quick and effective.

Which payment methods are accepted when registering for 11xplay?

In order to accommodate your preferences, we provide a range of payment options. Net banking choices including NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and E-Wallet payments like Paytm and JioMoney are accepted. UPI payments like PhonePe, BharatPe, and Google Pay are also accepted.

Is There An Additional Cost to Register for the 11xplay exch app?

For the most part, the registration process is free of charge. Yet, based on the user’s selected payment method, there can be transaction fees or setup expenses. Please contact our customer service staff for more specific information on the registration procedure. They’re here to help you at all times!